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better way to create your podcast feed


Create your own podcast feed from folder in Dropbox

JustCast provides the easiest and fastest way to publish podcast to the web & iTunes by connecting the contents of a special folder in your Dropbox account to our optimized hosting platform.

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Sign in with Dropbox and grant JustCast access.


Create your podcast

Create a new podcast is as easy as create a new folder inside your dropbox.


Add new epsiode

To add the new epsiode, just drag the mp3 file to your Dropbox folder.


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Tell people to subscribe your RSS feed & start listening.

Our Metrics

Useful statistics about your podcast and episodes include a running subscriber count and download count.

Stats demo subscription

Subscriber counts

Qucikly see how many people have subscribed to your podcast. Identify trends with a wide selection of time ranges

Stats demo download

Download counts

Easily accessible screen depicting how many views for each episode, your most popular epiosdes, and most popular device to listen to your podcast.

General Stats

Stats demo subscription

The first thing you will see on the stats page is your overall stats for your show - with weekly subscriber count.

The subscriptions are calculated and added in filtering to remove obvious duplication subscriptions.

Download Stats

Download stats can be viewed in three different ways

Stats demo download

1. Download by week graph, and this shows you trends of downloads on a weekly basis.

2. Download by days of the week chart.

3. Top user agent list, and this shows you how you listeners consume your content. If your content is not available on some of the most popular podcast directory (e.g. Stitcher), then you would want to submit your podcast to there.